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Your carving will crack as moisture leaves the center of the log. The best placement for your carving is outside and away from direct sunlight. A partial shaded area is ideal. It is best to keep your carving off the ground to eliminate rot. Paving stones or spacers are good to place the carving on, so air can flow underneath.  


Coats of sealer will protect the carvings from becoming weathered. I use Spar Urethane which can be found at local hardware stores. I recommend every spring and fall to protect from the elements. 


There are a few ways to repair cracks. On carvings that are painted, such as black bears, I use black caulk and repaint. On natural stained pieces, I use wood shims and wood glue. Then I reshape and apply stain to blend in. 


When repairing cracks , I wait until the carving has done most of its cracking. Repairing too early (hairline cracks) will only result in additional repairs. 


I offer maintenance plans which includes, repairing cracks, touch ups, and resealing for a fee depending on size and detail.  Generally, I fix cracks in the winter months as things slow down and I have more time. 


Feel free to contact me anytime with questions, 


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